Lindberg Eyewear

The Lindberg Range – Available At Pabari

the LINDBERG buffalo titanium collection

Our buffalo titanium collection is handcrafted from a unique combination of buffalo horn and our signature titanium to create stylish and beautiful eyewear responsibly sourced

It is important for us to stress that the water buffalo horn used for our horn-rimmed glasses does not come from an endangered species. The horn used for our buffalo titanium collection is responsibly sourced from domesticated animals whose meat has been used as food and hides in the production of leather goods.

the LINDBERG træ+buffalo titanium collection

The træ+buffalo titanium collection seamlessly combines buffalo horn and fine wood, each enhancing the remarkable beauty of the other. Buffalo horn and fine wood (“træ” in Danish) are some of nature’s most delicate materials. Both have a fascinating structure making each pair of træ+buffalo titanium one-of-a-kind.

the LINDBERG thintanium collection

The thintanium collection is the embodiment of clean LINDBERG design with its minimalistic aesthetics, that spring from our in-house design tradition.


Acetanium is a showcase of advanced LINDBERG knowhow in titanium and acetate and how to combine those materials to take modern frame design to a new level.

Lindberg Spirit

The Lindberg Spirit rimless collection bends the titanium material into incredibly light frames. This creates a beautiful, minimalistic design and a frame without screws, rivets and welds.

n.o.w. collection

The n.o.w. collection from Lindberg, combine the remarkably thin composite front and ultra-lightweight titanium temples into a minimalistic design.

Air titanium rim

Full-rim frame made entirely of ultra-light titanium wire – extremely flexible, strong and comfortable. The design is particularly discreet and timelessly elegant ideal for any face and any appearance. A classic minimalist statement that up-ended contemporary eyewear, and has no real competitors.

The strip titanium 9500 collection

Offering full-plate frames in which both the front and temples are made entirely of a laser-cut titanium plate.

The strip titanium 9700 collection

A distinctive design in which the lenses are mounted in a special acetate inner rim within the titanium plate frame

The strip titanium 9700 collection

Blending details from LINDBERG acetate and titanium plate designs, with the upper part of the rim featuring more pronounced curves, and the unique screw-free front with the lenses fixing the acetate front to the titanium frame

The strip3p titanium collection

A fresh take on our ultra-lightweight and flexible rimless eyewear. With the incorporated titanium temples and nose bridge these frames are as technologically advanced as they are minimalist and elegant